WiSe19/20: Constraint-based Semantics 2

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General information

Course description

This course presupposes a background in formal semantics compatible with the material discussed in Semantics 1 and similar courses. The first-order based logical framework of the introductory course to semantics will be developed into higher-order logic, which enables us to formulate a theory of quantification and sentence embedding in Lexical Resource Semantics (LRS). In this class we will focus on the possibilities that the LRS architecture offers for generalizing classical generalized quantifier theory to so-called polyadic quantifiers. These are notoriously difficult to handle for more traditional views on semantic composition in natural languages, but we will see that the constraint-based view of semantics can integrate them naturally.


Robert D. Levine, Frank Richter, Manfred Sailer: Formal Semantics: An Empirically Grounded Approach. Manuscript.

Entrance test

Send your solutions to the entrance test, available at www.english-linguistics.de/fr/teaching/ws18-19/cbs/WiSe18-Semantics2-EntranceTest.pdf, to f.richter@em.uni-frankfurt.de by October 1st.

The entrance test will become available in late July 2018.