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Welcome to the wiki on ''Lexical Resource Semantics'' (LRS)!
== Personal information==
"Q.Zong" lives in Frankfurt
Lexical Resource Semantics is a constraint-based framework for formal semantics. It shares many ideas with Montague Grammar, but it employs different means of composing the meaning of phrases from their constituents.
"Q.Zong" likes:
This wiki started in the summer of 2012. It is still heavily under construction. So, you will still find many pages with less than complete content. We are sorry for this, but we are working on it!
In this wiki you will find information and resources about this framework. In particular:
* [[Ideas|Leading concepts and ideas]] behind LRS
* Information about [[Activities|news and activities]] relating to LRS such as workshops, courses, conference presentations, and publications
* Contact information about some of the [[People|people]] involved in the development of LRS
* A list of [[Publications|publications]]
* [[Teaching|Teaching material]] and information about LRS courses
* Information about [[Projects|projects]] using LRS
* [[Tools|Computational tools]] that use LRS or that allow you to use LRS
* [[Links|Links]] to other sites that may be of interest if you like the material found on this wiki.
If you find mistakes on these pages or have suggestions for improvement, please contact us at [mailto:lrs@english-linguistics.de lrs@english-linguistics.de]!
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Personal information

"Q.Zong" lives in Frankfurt
"Q.Zong" likes: