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The material on this page has been created as part of a seminar. It is still heavily under construction and we do not guarantee its correctness. If you have comments on this page or suggestions for improvement, please contact Manfred Sailer.
This note will be removed once the page has been carefully checked and integrated into the main part of this wiki.

Using an Interactive Whiteboard

Useful resources

For next week

Next week the groups Ambiguities and Basic semantics relations will present. In preparation for their presentation, read:

  • Read Section 3 (Linguistische Ambiguität) of Matthias Bauer, Joachim Knape, Peter Koch, Susanne Winkler (2010): Dimensionen der Ambiguität. Zeitschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik 158, 7-75. (Uploaded in OLAT.)

For in two weeks

  • Prepare a 5-minute presentation or exercise for the interactive Whiteboard that:
  1. relates directly to the topic of your group and
  2. includes at least one feature that goes beyond the possibilities of a traditional blackboard
  • Send me your file by Monday, November 19, noon!

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