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Project A5 Distributional Idiosyncrasies of the SFB 441


Link: http://www.sfb441.uni-tuebingen.de/a5/
Duration: Phase 1: 2002-2004
Phase 2: 2005-2008
Source: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
Poject leader: Frank Richter, Tübingen
Researchers: Timm Lichte, now: Düsseldorf
Ekaterina Ovchinnikova, now: Osnabrück
Manfred Sailer, now: Frankfurt a.M.
Jan-Philipp Soehn, now: Pons, Stuttgart
Beata Trawiński, now: Wien

Summary of phase 2

In collaboration with other projects of the SFB 441, emphasis was placed on annotated corpora, which served as data classes for the project. Here, Negative Polarity Items (NPIs) were extracted from possible contexts using statistical methods. In the theoretical interpretation of data, semantic composition mechanisms played a central role. This was done within the theoretical framework of Lexical Resource Semantics (LRS), since this had already been integrated into HPSG, and is already a part of the prototype implementation. Based on the continuing development of this LRS module within the TRALE System, grammar fragments, which were crucial in the development of a theory, were eventually implemented. The results then provided examples of the treatment of the grammatical phenomena mentioned above.

The project consisted of the following three research areas:

  1. The acquisition and classification of polarity elements in German
  2. Theoretical interpretation in the LRS framework, the formulation of a distribution theory
  3. Sample grammar implementation

Further details

For more details, consult the homepage of the project.