SoSe 2019: Constraint-based Semantics 2

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General information

Course description

In Semantics 1, we showed how to arrive at an interpretation for simple English sentences. In this follow-up course the participants will extend their analytic skills to more advanced phenomena, such as:

  • scope ambiguity (Everything that glitters isn't gold.)
  • the semantics of embedded clauses
  • semantic concord phenomena (as in substandard nobody ain't doin' nothing)
  • the semantics of modal auxiliaries (must, can, ...)
  • idioms and collocations

Entrance test

In order to participate in the course you need to send your solutions to the following test to no later than March 19, 2019. (note: extended deadline from a previous announcement!)


You can find some help on the page with the mock exam for the Semantics 1 class of the summer term 2015: mock exam SoSe 2015

If you have successfully passed the written exam of a Semantics 1 course by Frank Richter or Manfred Sailer, you need not do the entrance test.

Time and place

  • Wednesday 08:15-9:45
  • Starting: 17.4.2019
  • Room: IG 3.201 (IG-Farben-Haus)

Olat course

to be announced

Ask the lecturer for the password.


  • Lehramt Englisch (L2/5, L3): FW3
  • BA English Studies: 3.4(2)
  • BA Empirische Sprachwissenschaft: En 4.2
  • MA Linguistics: LING-CON-CORE B


Manfred Sailer
office: IG 3.214
office hour: Tuesday, 10-11am