WiSe18/19: Constraint-based Semantics 2

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General information

Course description

This course presupposes a background in formal semantics compatible with the material discussed in Semantics 1. Based on some chapters of Sebastian Löbner's introductory textbook we investigate various more advanced topics in natural language semantics, possibly including (but not limited to) different types of meaning, definiteness vs. indefiniteness, quantification, predication, and cognition. These will be related to the architecture of constraint-based semantics. Depending on the interests of the participants, it is also possible to focus more specifically on a particular topic such as the semantics of negation and quantification and its treatment in formal semantics and in Lexical Resource Semantics.


Sebastian Löbner (2013): Understanding Semantics. Routledge. Second Edition.

Entrance test

Send your solutions to the entrance test, available at www.english-linguistics.de/fr/teaching/ws18-19/cbs/WiSe18-Semantics2-EntranceTest.pdf, to f.richter@em.uni-frankfurt.de by October 1st.

The entrance test will become available in late July 2018.