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Forthcoming events



Chronology of all past events


  • July 29 & 30: Jingcheng Niu (University of Toronto)& Gerald Penn (University of Toronto) “Chinese quantifier scope, concord, and lexical resource semantics”. Talk at HPSG 2022.
    Abstract: File:NiuPenn HPSG22 abstract.pdf



  • December 18: Shene Hassan defends her thesis on Syntactic and semantic aspects of supplementary relative clauses in English and Sorānī Kurdish.Published as:
    Hassan, Shene. 2021. Syntactic and semantic aspects of supplementary relative clauses in English and Sōrānī Kurdish. Goethe University, Frankfurt a.M. URL:


  • August: Research visit of Gerald Penn in Frankfurt.
  • July 1: Sascha Bargmann submits his thesis on Chopping up idioms.
    Sascha develops an argument for a consequent lexical treatment of idioms, whenever such a treatment is possible. To do this, he looks at data that have not been taken into account systematically in the previous literature. The thesis contains a chapter using LRS.
  • May 23-24: Manfred Sailer. Kinegrams as complex predicates between the idiomatic and the literal. Invited talk at the workshop Modification of Complex Predicates, Düsseldorf.
  • January 7 - March 31: DAAD-sponsored research visit by Dr. Monica-Mihaela Rizea (Bucharest) in Frankfurt. Work on modelling NPIs and result clauses in LRS.


  • December 4: Monica-Mihaela Rizea & Manfred Sailer: Intensifier readings of result clauses containing emphatic NPIs in Romanian, research colloquium, Frankfurt a.M.
  • September 5-7: Sang-Hee Park, Jean-Pierre Koenig & Rui P. Chaves. A semantic underspecification-based analysis of scope ambiguitites in gapping. Paper presented at Sinn und Bedeutung 2018, Barcelona.
Frank Richter: Computational Semantics: Representations and Reasoning (slides)
Manfred Sailer: Constraint-based underspecified semantic combinatorics (slides)
David Lahm: Plural in Lexical Resource Semantics.
Sang-Hee Park, Jean-Pierre Koenig, and Rui Chaves: Scope Ambiguities and Lexical Resource Semantics: The Case of Gapping
Doug Arnold, Sascha Bargmann, & Manfred Sailer: Update Constraints on Idioms in Nonrestrictive Relative Clauses.
Shene Hassen: Determiner-which Relatives.
David Lahm: Plural in Lexical Resource Semantics.
  • May 14: Manfred Sailer: "The Meaning of the Meaningless: Semantically Non-Autonmous Syntactic Arguments". Invited talk, Johannes-Guttenberg-University, Mainz.


  • March 24-29: Meeting of colleagues from IEAS/Linguistics, Franfurt a.M. and from the Laboratoire de linguistique formelle, Paris in Paris as part of the Procope exchange programm One-to-Many, including:
March 24&25: European Workshop on Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar with some LRS-related presentations.
  • January 20: Manfred Sailer: "The Meaning of `Meaningless´ Idiom Parts" (joint work with Sascha Bargmann). Invited talk at the workshop The Syntax of Idioms, Utrecht, the Netherlands.


  • December 8&9: Manfred Sailer: "A multi-dimensional semantic analysis of the literal and the idiomatic meaning of kinegrams". Invited talk at Recent Trends in Figurative Language Research, Tübingen.
  • July 24-29: Joint 2016 Conference on Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar and Lexical Functional Grammar HeadLex 2016, Warsaw.
  • January 11-13: Frank Richter & Manfred Sailer: Intensive writing session on the LRS textbook.


  • November 16 & 17: Manfred Sailer: Possessive marking in idioms, talk at the European HPSG Workshop 2015, Frankfurt a.M.
  • October 26: Manfred Sailer: The flexibility of idioms and language-specific constraints on syntactic operations, talk at the Institute for Language and Speech Processing, Athens.
  • 'September 23 & 24: Manfred Sailer: Possessive alternations in German idioms, poster at the 5th General Parseme meeting.
    (abstract, poster)
  • June 12: David Lahm: Unified Account of Plural “different” Depending on NPs and Coordinate Structures, talk at the Retreat of the Graduate School Nominal Modification, Braunfels.
  • June 8: David Lahm: Unified Account of Plural “different” Depending on NPs and Coordinate Structures, talk at the Oberseminar English Linguistics, Frankfurt a.M.
  • June 4 & 5: Manfred Sailer: Possessive (Non-)Alternations in Idioms. Invited talk at Brussels Conference in Generative Linguistics 8, The Grammar of Idioms. Brussels.
    (abstract, handout with many typos!)
  • March 19 & 20: Sascha Bargmann and Manfred Sailer: The syntactic Flexibility of Non-decomposable Idioms. Poster presentation at the Spring meeting of the COST Action 1207 PARSEME. Malta.
    (abstract, poster)
  • February 20-23: Sascha Bargmann: Syntactic Flexibility of Non-decomposable Idioms. Talk at the 16th Szklarska Poreba Workshop, Poland.
  • February 5: Sascha Bargmann and Manfred Sailer: The Syntactic Flexibility of Non-decomposable Idioms. Invited talk at the Universität Düsseldorf.
  • January 8: Manfred Sailer: The Linguistic Representation of Multiword Expressions. Invited talk at the Universität Stuttgart.
    (The talk contained a brief discussion of Sascha Bargmann and Manfred Sailer's LRS analysis of non-decomposable idioms.)


  • December: End of the project e-Learning Resources for Semantics 2 (e-LRS2), Frankfurt.
  • November 17 & 18: 2nd European HPSG Workshop in Paris, comprising the following LRS-related contributions:
    • Assif Am-David & Manfred Sailer: An LRS Encoding of a Semantic Typology of Definiteness
    • Frank Richter: Polyadic "Same" and "Different"
    • Manfred Sailer: Inverse Linking as Complex Quantifier Formation
  • September 15-17: Manfred Sailer: Inverse Linking and Telescoping as Polyadic Quantification, at Sinn und Bedeutung, Göttingen.
    (The abstract can be downloaded from the conferences website or here.)
  • May 23-24: Manfred Sailer: Zur Vererbung von Quantoreneigenschaften innerhalb definiter Nominalphrasen (On the inheritance of quantifier properties within definite noun phrases, in German). Presentation at Semantik und Pragmatik im Südwesten (SPSW) 2014, Bielefeld.
  • February 7: Manfred Sailer: A Syntax-Semantics Interface in the Light of Ambiguity, Redundant Marking, and Underspecification. Invited talk at workshop Compositionality, Unversity Göttingen.
  • January 23: Manfred Sailer: Zur vermeintlichen Satzgebundenheit von Quantoren (On the alleged clauseboundedness of quantifiers). Invited talk at the University Düsseldorf.
  • January 9: Frank Richter: A Syntax-Semantics Interface for Unreducible Polyadic Quantifiers. Computational Linguistic Colloquium, winter term 2013/14, University of Düsseldorf.


  • August 5-16: Bob Levine and Manfred Sailer: Lexical Resource Semantics: Where empirical grounding meets computational tractability in the syntax/semantics interface. One-week introductory course in Language and Computation at the Summer School in Language, Logic and Information 2013, Düsseldorf.
  • July: Defense of Heike Walker's disseration on The Syntax and Semantics of Relative Clause Attachment Frankfurt.


  • October 12: This wiki is freely accessible online.
  • June 28: Manfred Sailer: Lexical Effects of Epistemic Modals on Resolving the Scope of 
Strong Quantifiers (joint work with Frank Richter). Invited talk at the Universität Düsseldorf.
  • May 11 & 12: LRS-related presentation at the HPSG Workshop Frankfurt (Pictures of the event)
    • Frank Richter and Manfred Sailer: Lexical Effects of Epistemic Modals on Resolving the Scope of Strong Quantifiers.
    • Heike Walker: A Theory of Relative Clause Attachment [ slides ]
  • March 22: Frank Richter: What Is Constraint-Based Semantics Good for? Invited talk, Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf, Germany.





  • November 24: Frank Richter: Constraintbasierte Computationelle Semantik (Constraint-based Computational Semantics). Invited talk, Universität Stuttgart, Germany.
  • October 24: Frank Richter: Constraint-based Computational Semantics: Connecting Syntax, Semantics and Implementation. Invited talk, The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA.
  • August 11-15: Frank Richter and Manfred Sailer: Simple Trees with Complex Semantics: On Epistemic Modals and Strong Quantifiers. At the workshop What Syntax Feeds Semantics?, ESSLLI 2008, Hamburg.
  • July 3: Manfred Sailer: Einfache Syntax, komplexe Semantik. Zur Interaktion von Modalen, starken Quantoren und Negation.. (Simple syntax, complex semantics. On the interaction of modals, strong quantifiers, and negation). Joint work with Frank Richter. Presentation in Stefan Müller's Aufbauseminar: Logik für Linguisten, FU Berlin. Slides (in German): File:Sailer08-fu.pdf
  • May 2: Frank Richter: LRS und CLLRS: Von der Semantik zur computationellen Semantik (LRS and CLLRS: From Semantics to Computational Semantics). Invited talk, Universität Bonn, Germany.
  • March 10: Frank Richter: Lexical Resource Semantics: Combinatorics, Selection, and Computation. Invited talk, Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique, Bordeaux, France.
  • January 28: Frank Richter: Does it Compute? NPIs, Negative Concord, and the Syntax-Semantics Interface. Invited talk, University at Buffalo, USA.


  • November 2-3: Frank Richter and Manfred Sailer: Neg Raising, Negative Polarity Items, and Underspecification. Talk atTheoretical and Computational Perspectives on Underspecification, Stuttgart.
  • August 17: Frank Richter: Closer to the Truth: A New Model Theory for HPSG. Talk at the ESSLLI'07 workshop Model Theoretic Syntax at 10 at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
  • June 21: Frank Richter and Gerald Penn: Scaling up with Lexical Resource Semantics. Talk at the workshop Current Trends in Teaching Computational Linguistics in Freudenstadt (June 18th-22nd), Germany.
  • March 22: Frank Richter: Constraintbasierte Computationelle Semantik (Constraint-based Computational Semantics). Invited talk, Universität Bielefeld, Germany.








  • December 19-20: Frank Richter and Manfred Sailer: Three Kinds of 'Underspecified Semantics' in HPSG. at the Workshop Linguistic Data Structures: Theoretical, Methodological, Descriptive Issues at the Universität Tübingen and the University of Pennsylvania, Tübingen.