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e-Learning Resources for Semantics (e-LRS)


Duration: October 2012 - May 2013
Funding: 14,500 €
Source: Förderfond Lehre of the Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main
Team: Manfred Sailer (project leader)
Veronica Skottke (research assistent)
Suzanne Smith (research assistent)
Sabrina Weber (research assistent)
Partners: Clemens Bohrer (Akademie für Bildungsforschung und Lehrerbildung, Frankfurt)
Robert D. Levine (Ohio State University)
Frank Richter (University of Tübingen)


Formal semantics is one of the central subdisciplines of modern linguistics. It allows an exact description and analysis of a wide range of linguistic phenomena. Such phenomena are not only important for linguistic theorizing but also for cross-linguistic comparisions and, eventually, for foreign language teaching. However, the content of formal semantics is very abstract and many students of philologies are easily scared away by this first impression. The use of New media in teaching semantics can help reduce this obstacle and make students interested in the field of semantics. In the project, we will develop e-learing material together with students and for students. The majority of this material will be made available on the current wiki and/or on the blog english-linguistics.de.

Modules of the project

e-LRS will play an essential role in three courses to be held in the winter term 2012/13 at the Goethe Unversity Frankfurt.

Proseminar Introduction to Semantics

The basic chapters of the textbook Formal Semantics: An Empirically-grounded Approach will be covered and e-learning material will be provided for this course.

Hauptseminar New Media in Teaching Semantics

The participants will develop material that can be used for courses such as the Proseminar Introduction to Semantics. These will include wiki pages, online exercises, and podcasts. Consult the wiki-page of this seminar for more details.

Oberseminar Syntax-Semantics Interface

The advanced chapters of the textbook Formal Semantics: An Empirically-grounded Approach will be covered and critically discusses with and improved by suggestions from colleagues and advanced students.