SoSe 2019: Constraint-based Semantics 2

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General information

Course description

In Semantics 1, we showed how to arrive at an interpretation for simple English sentences. In this follow-up course the participants will extend their analytic skills to more advanced phenomena, such as:

  • scope ambiguity (Everything that glitters isn't gold.)
  • the semantics of embedded clauses
  • semantic concord phenomena (as in substandard nobody ain't doin' nothing)
  • the semantics of modal auxiliaries (must, can, ...)
  • idioms and collocations

Entrance test

In order to participate in the course you need to send your solutions to the following test to no later than April 7, 2019.


You can find some help on the page with the mock exam for the Semantics 1 class of the summer term 2015: mock exam SoSe 2015

You don't have to do the entrance test if:

  • you have successfully passed the written exam of a Semantics 1 course by Frank Richter or Manfred Sailer, or
  • you have been in the course Constraint-based Analysisby Frank Richter or Gert Webelhuth

Time and place

  • Wednesday 08:15-9:45
  • Starting: 17.4.2019
  • Room: IG 3.201 (IG-Farben-Haus)

Olat course

to be announced

Ask the lecturer for the password.


  • Lehramt Englisch (L2/5, L3): FW3
  • BA English Studies: 3.4(2)
  • BA Empirische Sprachwissenschaft: En 4.2
  • MA Linguistics: LING-CON-CORE B


Manfred Sailer
office: IG 3.214
office hour: Tuesday, 10-11am