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We collect and provide links to courses and course material on LRS.

Formal Semantics: An Empirically-grounded Approach (ms)

Go to the general site of the textbook or follow the links below:

Glossary of basic terms

  • The basic glossary contains key terms of semantics as they occur in the semantics chapters of introductions to linguistics or in basic introductions to semantics. Our glossary is still under construction.

Course types

The following types of semantics courses are offered by the IEAS/Linguistics department of Goethe-University Frankfurt a.M.

(Constraint-based) Semantics 1

Introduction to Constraint-based Grammar (LING-ARC-CON)

Exercises on the semantic representation language:

(Constraint-based) Semantics 2


Present courses

  • Summer term 2021, Goethe University Frankfurt/Main

Upcoming courses

  • Winter term 2021/22, Goethe University Frankfurt/Main
    • Seminar Semantics 1
    • Manfred Sailer: Seminar Digital Data in English Linguistics: Negation in Language, Logic, and Cognition

Past courses

  • Summer term 2020, Goethe University Frankfurt/Main
    • Gert Webelhuth: Seminar Semantics 1 - This course is taught online!
    • Frank Richter: Seminar Constraint-based Semantics 2 - This course is taught online!
  • Winter term 2015/16, University Frankfurt/Main.
    • Frank Richter: Seminar Semantics 1
  • Winter term 2013/14: University Düsseldorf
    Frank Richter: Constraint-based Semantics
  • Winter term 2013/14: Goethe University Frankfurt/Main
    Manfred Sailer: Semantics 2
  • Summer 2013: Summer School in Language, Logic and Information 2013, Düsseldorf
    Bob Levine and Manfred Sailer: Lexical Resource Semantics: Where empirical grounding meets computational tractability in the syntax/semantics interface. One-week introductory course in Language and Computation
  • Summer term 2013: Goethe University Frankfurt/Main
    Manfred Sailer: Introduction to Semantics
       Link to the assignment sheet on logic (with example solution)
  • Winter term 2012/13: Goethe University Frankfurt/Main. Manfred Sailer:
  • Winter term 2012/13: Universität Tübingen
    Frank Richter: Constraint-based Semantics
  • Summer term 2012: Goethe University Frankfurt/Main
    Manfred Sailer: Introduction to Semantics
  • Winter term 2011/12: University Göttingen
    Manfred Sailer: An empirically grounded approach to the syntax-semantics interface.
  • Summer 2011: Linguistic Institute 2011: University of Colorado at Boulder
    Gerald Penn and Frank Richter: Scope and Negation: Typological Diversity Meets Computational Semantics. 4-week course.
    Content: Negation, negative concord and licensing of negative polarity items were discussed under a typological perspective and described in LRS as a framework covering linguistic theory and computational implementation.
  • Winter term 2004/2005: Universität Tübingen
    Frank Richter: Underspecified Semantics: An HPSG Perspective.
  • Summer 2003: ESSLLI 2003 (Vienna)
    Frank Richter and Manfred Sailer: Constraint-based Combinatorial Semantics (Introductory course).
    Content: A number of constraint-based systems of combinatorial semantics were discussed, the essemtials of LRS were introduced and compared to the other systems.